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Mt. Zion Council Meeting Minutes
March 31, 2014

Those present:  Ted Barkley, Rick Brannan, Debbie Kahl, Kevin Kahl, Sharon McCormick, Danielle McCormick, Clay Neal, Glen Neal, Scott Neal, Pastor Dennis Schulze, Jeff Westra

 Glen, as Chairman, opened the meeting with prayer.  He explained the meeting was an open floor without an agenda due to the lapse in time from the last meeting.

 Scott read the Minutes from the last meeting dated September 2013. Minutes were accepted.

Jeff distributed copies and presented the Financial Report. Tithing was comparable to last year.  Jeff will call the bank to avoid fees imposed on the savings account for inactivity.  Glen requested a report on the difference in oil costs, Jeff agreed to prepare the report.  An audit of the books is overdue.  Glen will contact Sturgill and Pastor Dennis will contact Debbie Santoni for comparison of cost and time frame to determine which company to hire to complete the audit.  Financial report was accepted.

Old Business:

 Reminders of the following upcoming dates were highlighted:

            Carnival Fundraiser/Fellowship - July 12, 2014

            Meal Packing event ? September 14, 2014

 Oil Co-op was instated.

The charge confirmation class for the youth was postponed due to too few participants and will be rescheduled for the end of this year or beginning of year in 2015. 

 New Business:

Pastor Dennis passed out a Questionnaire to consider the future of Mt. Zion UMC congregation upon his retirement in July 2015. This will also be distributed to the congregation.  It is requested that the Questionnaire be returned to him in two weeks by Sunday, April 13, 2014. This information will be shared with the Pastor Parish Relations Committee (PPRC).

 Minutes from the PPRC were shared.  A topic of discussion was the possibility of re-purposing the church building at Bentley Springs.  Pastor Dennis asked for prayerful, open and honest discussion of ideas with compassion and gentleness, being Spirit led.   The PPRC also asked the council/congregation to provide a mission statement for the church. This came about as no one was able to state our mission and find an answer to the questions, are we Christ-centered, how are we serving God, what is our focus?  Council attendees were asked to individually and prayerfully write thoughts, ideas, bullet points of what our mission statement as a church might look like.  Also to be given to Pastor Dennis by April 13, 2014, for the purpose of creating a unified Mission Statement. This statement will also be shared with the PPRC.

 Pastor Dennis presented a project to paint the hall.  It was suggested that the acoustics be addressed as well.  Pastor Dennis will contact Brent Thompson regarding carpets for sound.

The displays on the new heating/cooling units in the church are not lighting up.  It was discussed that the displays may be reset by remote. Clay will look into this matter.  Kevin suggested finding the instruction manual online if necessary.

Rick presented a Budget Breakdown for Sound and Video Upgrade and distributed copies.  It included extensive research, options and alternatives.  Glen suggested forming a small group (Sound and Video Committee) to further explore the information/research Rick compiled to best meet the needs of the church.  Those interested in joining Rick, on the Sound and Video Committee thus far, are Jeff, Scott and Clay.  Open invitation to congregation for those interested. This committee will meet with the Board of Trustees and submit proposed plan to Council.

Sharon suggested we participate in ?No More Malaria,? a campaign strongly endorsed by the United Methodist.  Rick will find You Tube video to present on Sundays in April and collect donations for the month.

Sharon will coordinate with Fred Sipes and his church on a ?Lock In? for the youth.  She also proposed a Youth Night and Bible Study to be further discussed at the Youth Committee meeting on April 15, 2014.  Some ideas included movie clips, discussion, the movie Save A Life, refreshments and fun.

Sharon confirmed that the Meal Packing event was through Stop Hunger Now, which is within the United Methodist boundaries.  She will contact Bud Baier to further ensure the involvement of the United Methodist Men.

Congratulations to Sharon for following God?s call to pursue formal training in ministry. Our prayers and support go out to her.  From one of her classes she learned that the Methodist no longer support voting.  It is suggested that a ?speaking piece? be passed around the discussion table to give everyone the opportunity to share and be heard.

Scott proposed having a central location, communication hub, point of contact for continuity. For meeting minutes, announcements, a calendar of events, etc.  This would happen in lieu of a secretary since that is not in the budget.  Kevin suggested a laptop centrally located as well that could travel to all meetings.

In closing, Glen thanked everyone for coming and having concerns, ideas, and issues, well prepared to be presented at the meeting and for future meetings.

With no further business, Glen closed in prayer and the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Debbie Kahl


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